[Masterclass] The Members You Value, and Value of Members: Acquisition and Renewal

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The strength of nonprofit associations is reflected in their membership pipeline.  Highly engaged, satisfied members are more likely to renew their membership, but keeping them engaged and feeling value is something all organizations can struggle with - especially over a period of years. A fresh symbiotic relationship is key, not only for renewals but for word-of-mouth and sustainable new growth.

This session will help you align your organization’s products and member value to the needs of your prospective members for recruitment, retention, and long-term engagement.


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the business goals and objectives for membership growth and retention
  • Define potential target audience segments for marketing strategy development
  • Describe the content, products, and offerings that align with the target audience’s needs to communicate the value of membership
  • Develop an initial draft of a lead generation pipeline using downloadable content for customer acquisition


Featured Topics

  •  Aligning the Target Audience with Business Goals
  • Perceived Member Value
  • Using Downloadable Content for Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing for Member Retention
  • Access the session recording!

  • Access the session recording!
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[Masterclass] The Members You Value, and Value of Members: Acquisition and Renewal

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